macOS User Basics - Big Sur

This training event is designed for a user who is new to the Mac computer and the macOS operating system. 

Our training focuses on the basics of a Mac computer, network connections, setting up the user desktop, managing files and folders, data security, and backing up your information. Please review the course outline for the list of topics covered in the class.

This class is scheduled twice monthly on Monday and runs from 9 AM - 4 PM Eastern Standard Time. This class is delivered using our web based training platform or at customer locations. It includes presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises designed to familiarize participants with macOS 11 - Big Sur and a Mac computer. Participants will need to provide their own Mac computer for this course. 

Combine this class with our macOS Tech Essentials - Big Sur class to fully cover user basics and the more advanced technical topics covered in that class. 

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Course Outline

  • Introduction to the Mac computer features (external connections, ports, accessories), network setup, keyboard, mouse, trackpad and other basics

  • macOS Desktop, the Dock, and Finder

  • System Preferences and configuration

  • System Security

  • Managing files and folders

  • Backing up and recovering your files

  • Using key applications

  • Apple IDs

  • The App Store, iTunes, and Apple Books

  • iCloud fundamentals

  • Collaboration with Messages and Facetime

  • Setting up printers and other peripheral devices

Aimpoint Solutions' custom training is developed for our clients by Aimpoint Solutions and is not approved or sponsored by Apple, Inc.

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