macOS Tech Essentials - Big Sur

This four day class was developed by our resident Apple Certified Trainer and Consultant. It includes presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on labs that cover the new or revised features of macOS Big Sur, initial setup and configuration, managing user accounts, connecting peripheral devices, network setup, managing security, troubleshooting applications and system performance, managing a Mac computer in a Windows network, and using the free applications available from Apple that enhance productivity and remote work. 

The primary reference for this course is the macOS Support Essentials 11 - Apple Pro Training Series book, which includes an in-depth review of macOS features and hands-on exercise to reinforce the training topics. 

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Course Outline

macOS Installation and Configuration

Managing User Accounts & Security

Managing File Systems

Data Management & Backup

Managing & Troubleshooting Apps and Processes

Managing & Troubleshooting Network Configuration

Managing Network Services

Managing the macOS System

Managing macOS in a Microsoft Windows Environment 

Configure & Use Applications included with macOS 

We recommend this course be combined with the one day macOS User Basics course intended for users who are new to macOS and a Mac computer and need to learn how to navigate the operating system and use the basic configuration tools included in the operating system. 

Aimpoint Solutions' custom training is developed by Aimpoint Solutions and is not approved or sponsored by Apple, Inc.

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